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*waits until Maijine's asleep and cracks open the door to his room* Lesto?

Jun. 28th, 2009

*passed out and probably drooling on the side of the store, a half eaten pastry wrapped up beside him*
*slowly pulls a book full of pictures of China off the shelf and flips through it for a few minutes before putting it back, bending down so he can put it back and glowering through the gap between the books and the shelf so he can see the other side* What?
*sits on Naefan's table and watches him* There's a masquerade coming up, you know. At Yuuka's. With costumes. Everyone has to go.

*falls on his ass as soon as they both materialize in Naefan's kitchen* Oh god!

*whistles and takes another piece of bread out of the picnic basket, throwing little pieces of it into the water for the ducks*

*knocks on Haydn's door lightly with his foot and tries to look around the paper bags he's holding*

Jun. 19th, 2008

*knocks loudly on Naefan's BRAND NEW 2008 CABIN DOOR*

 *bolts into the room and doesn't look to see if Hugh's there or not, slamming the bathroom door and hunching over the toilet, throwing up all the meager contents of his stomach as tears stream down his face and he sobs between heaves*

*appears in the middle of Merchoir's bunker with no warning whatsoever and strides up, smacking him across the face*

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